Lavender Oil and Acne.

Benefits and Uses of Lavender Oil.

Lavender-oil-usesThis essential oil is made from Lavender plant that mostly grows in Africa, Russia and some Arabic countries. Oil is extracted from purple flowers that are collected from this plant. Since this oil has quite a good smell, it is used to make perfume. It is also worthwhile to mention that Lavender Oil is used in aromatherapy, since it can help to reduce stress and assist in relaxation. Other uses of this oil include cleansing cuts and bruises, relieving pain, treating bacterial and fungal infections, boosting immunity and blood circulation, preventing hair loss and more. Most of these uses are attributed to this oils anti-inflammatory and anti-septic property. While there are quite a lot of possible uses of this oil it is important to keep in mind that research on some of these uses are very limited, so it should be used with precaution.

Does Lavender Oil work for Acne?

lavender-oil-acneIt can be said that Lavender can be definitely beneficial for skin and it is quite commonly considered as the most effective essential oils for treating acne. Despite that it is worthwhile to consider trying this oil because it is not too harsh for the skin and it has anti-septic, anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory features. Due to these mentioned properties, application of Lavender oil can help to eliminate bacteria that cause acne and speed up healing of scar tissues. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties it can reduce redness when applied directly on the skin. In addition to that, this essential oil is known to work effectively as circulatory stimulant. This means that Lavender Oil can boost blood circulation to your skin, which in turn will provide your skin with more oxygen and necessary nutrients. All this effect will balance your skin in general and make it look healthier. So it can be said that this oil can not only help to prevent acne breakouts, but it will also help to get rid of this skin condition faster, since it promotes skin healing.

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How to use it for Acne?

In case you want to try this essential oil for Acne treatment there are a few different methods how you can use it effectively and safely. In case you already have a few pimples or acne scars that you want to get rid of faster you can apply a few drops of Lavender Oil directly on them. This will help to reduce inflammation, redness and speed up healing. For separate blemishes or pimples it might be a good idea to use a cotton swab, since you will be able to avoid unnecessary contact with healthy skin. For the best effect try to repeat application of this oil a few times per day.

For people who have more sensitive skin and want to avoid potential side effects another option would be to mix Lavender Oil with some other oils. Some good options for that might be Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil. When mixing with Sweet Almond or Olive Oil, add 3 drops of one of these oils and one drop of Lavender Oil. In case you are facing serious acne problems it might be a good idea to mix it with Tea Tree Oil (1/5 – Lavender and 4/5 Tea Tree Oil). Since Tea Tree Oil is also very effective for treating this condition, it will make this remedy stronger and more effective.

The other method would be to dilute this essential oil with water and use it as a toner. This way you will reduce the risk of experiencing side effects and still provide your skin with acne fighting properties of this oil. In case you are already using a toner you can add some Lavender Oil to it. So simply add up to 10 drops of this oil to your toner, shake it a little so that it would mix properly. Then apply this toner on your skin a couple of times per day by using facial pad or cotton ball.

Since benefits of Lavender Oil for skin are quite well-known you can also find this essential oil included as one of the components in many skin care and acne products. So you can get some benefits of this oil by using toners, facial cleansers or lotions that have it in formulation.

Before trying any of these mentioned methods it is very important to do some testing first. As with any essential oil, Lavender can cause irritation, redness or allergic reaction for some people. So if it is the first time that you are using this oil, try it on a tiny skin area, which will help you determine whether it is suitable treatment for you or not.

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

In general topical usage of Lavender Oil is considered to be safe if it is used in moderate amounts. In rare cases it can cause irritation when applied directly on the skin and it is also known to make skin more sensitive to sun. There are also some people who might be allergic to Lavender, so it is important to avoid usage in these cases. When it comes to oral usage some possible side effects are vomiting and nausea; however they are not very likely unless you use large dosages of Lavender Oil.