Green Tea and Acne.

What you should know about Green Tea.

Green Tea originated from China and it is used for many years as a tasteful drink and a medicine for various conditions. The same as other teas it is made from the leaves of the plant named Camellia Sinensis. Some of the best known benefits of this tea is the ability to prevent illnesses like cancer, heart disease and also it is helpful in weight loss and improving brain function. All these benefits make Green Tea a perfect choice for a beverage that can provide us with many additional benefits. Due to many benefits of this tea you can find it included in many weight loss supplements, cosmetic items, beverages and etc.

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin.

There were quite a lot of studies on both humans and animals, which showed that Green Tea has the ability to lower damage of sun to skin, which consequently lowers the possibility of skin cancer. One particular study done on Green Tea showed that it has the ability to minimize the chances of getting skin tumors. All this is thought to be as a result of polyphenol antioxidants found in this tea. Due to the fact that this tea contains high levels of antioxidants it is beneficial for skin health since it can minimize cell damage done by free radicals. There is also one compound found in Green Tea, which is called EGCG. It can be said that this compound is far more powerful even than Vitamin C or E, and it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Is it good for Acne?

green-tea-acne-treatmentThis tea is definitely beneficial for acne since it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory features, which can all help to prevent acne. Additionally as it was mentioned previously it contains high levels of antioxidants that are also beneficial for this skin condition. The fact that Green Tea is good for acne can be confirmed by quite a lot of studies. One study showed that consumption of this tea can lower blood sugar levels, which is quite commonly associated with acne. The other study also showed that one of the components found in Green tea (EGCG) prevents testosterone from converting to DHT. As it is quite well known DHT hormone is quite commonly responsible for acne problems.

Also you can find this ingredient included in various products that are aimed at fighting acne. For instance you can find it included in popular acne systems like Exposed Skin Care and AcneZine. The fact that it is included in well-known products for acne is a good indication that it provides positive effect on this condition. Also it is worthwhile to mention that usage of Green Tea might minimize both scars and rashes, since it has anti-inflammatory properties.

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How to use it for Acne?

There are many different ways how you can use Green Tea for Acne. Due to this you can choose one of the methods bellow or you can even use all of them in combination, which might help to enchase your results. Also you can find this tea included various acne products so by using them you can also benefit from this component.

Green Tea Mask for Face.

One of the ways how you can use Green Tea is to make a mask for acne. There are quite a lot of different masks that contain different ingredients, but the easiest and most popular one is made from honey and a few bags of Green Tee. To make a mask you will need two tablespoons of honey and two tea bags of Green Tea. In the first step put tea bags into hot water and wait a minute or two, until it becomes steeped. In the next step cut the bags so that the leaves would fall out. Then add two tablespoons of honey to the leaves and mix them to make a paste. When you have a paste ready apply it on your face with fingers until all areas of your face are covered. Try to avoid contact with your eyes since it might cause irritation. This mask should be left on your face for about half an hour and then simply rinse it off with water. In most cases it is suggested to repeat this type of mask for one or two times per week.

Drinking Green Tea: is it effective too?

While it is probably not the most effective way to improve your acne condition, drinking green tea daily can also provide you with a lot of benefits. It is quite well known that green tea contains antioxidants and also drinking it daily can help to flush various toxins from your body. So by drinking this tea a few times per day you can definitely improve your skin condition and aid in acne treatment. However it is worthwhile to mention that there is no clear estimation of how much cups of green tee you should drink daily in order to start noticing results on your skin. Some sources suggest 2-3 while others even up to 6 cups per day. So in the beginning you might start with 2 cups and if you don’t notice improvement increase to 6 cups per day.

Green Tea Bags for Acne.

green-tea-bags-for-acneUsing Green Tea bags directly on acne is another easy and fast way how you can benefit from this tea. In fact when you finish drinking green tea you can apply used bags on your acne areas. This way you will be able to benefit from this tea internally and externally. Simply apply a wet tea bag on affected areas and leave for a couple of minutes. Then remove a tea bag from your face and rinse your skin with water.