Exposed Skin Care review.

What you should know about Exposed Skin Care?

Exposed-skin-care-kitExposed offers one of the best rated products for treating acne by both consumers and reviews online. The list of ingredients in all products of Exposed Skin Care is very well selected for their effectiveness and safety. In most of the products you will find ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Green Tea Extract, Passion Flower Extract and others that are well researched for their effectiveness in treating Acne problems. It can be said that this is one of the most advanced and professional kit for threating this condition since there 9 products offered for users. All of these products are designed to fight acne from four different angles to ensure that the cause of your acne will be successfully eliminated.

How does it work?

In order to better understand how Exposed Skin Care works and if it actually works it is important to know how each of the products in this kit works and what are the main ingredients included.

Clearing Tonic. The main ingredient found in this tonic is Salicylic Acid (1%), which works by clearing clogged pores. Other ingredients in formulation like Green Tea extract, Aloe Vera Extract and Sage can help to keep your skin pH normal. Using this tonic will help to prepare your skin for the next Exposed product – Serum.

Acne Treatment Serum in this kit works by preventing new acne whiteheads and also blemishes. The main active ingredient found in this serum is Benzoyl Peroxide (3.5%), which is known for its ability to kill bacteria that cause acne problems. Other ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Extract in formulation enchase healing as well as protect skin.

Facial Cleanser is the first product in the kit that is used to clean your skin, remove oils and eliminate bacteria. The main ingredients in the formula of this cleanser are Salicylic Acid (0.5%), Sage Extract and Vitamin B5. Since it doesn’t contain any harsh components therefore it can be used even to clean more sensitive skin.

Clear Pore Serum is designed to work throughout the night to prevent acne from appearing and also to promote healing of the skin. The main components found in this serum are Salicylic Acid (1%), Licorice Root and Green Tea Extract.

Derm-X Cloth is included in all kits of Exposed Treatment in order to help you remove oils, dirt, cosmetics and dead skin cells. By using this cloth you can improve your skin tone and even eliminate blemishes.

Products that are found in more Advanced Exposed Skin Care kits:

Microderm Scrub is mostly used to improve your skin texture and appearance by removing dead skin cells. The main ingredients found in this scrub are Corundum Crystals, Passion Flower and Green Tea Extract. This Exposed product is only included in the Ultimate kit.

Moisture Complex is a great additional product of Exposed Acne Treatment that can help to keep your skin moisturized. In addition to that ingredients like caffeine can lessen inflammation and Pumpkin Seed can reduce irritation.

Probiotic Complex Supplement. The pills in this supplement contain Vitamins A and E, essential minerals like Copper, Zinc, Selenium and probiotics. The formulation of this supplement works from the inside to boost your immune system, support hormonal balance and clear the body. So the usage of Exposed Skin Care supplement on a daily basis can help to minimize acne breakouts and make your skin look healthy. This Probiotic Complex supplement can be only found in the most advanced kit or it can be bought separately.

Clarifying Mask can be used once or twice a week in order to get rid of blackheads and prevent that new acne would appear. Both Resorcinol and Sulfur found in this mask helps to eliminate bacteria while other component Active Charcoal works by minimizing excess oil in the skin.

What are the Main Pros and Cons of this System?

Main Pros:

  • Products in this kit are designed to eliminate all possible causes of acne – minimize sebum and inflammation, kill bacteria and unclog skin pores;
  • Formulations of different products contain some of the most effective ingredients for fighting acne like Benzoyl Peroxide, Green Tea Extract and Salicylic Acid;
  • While this kit doesn’t work for all people, the success rate is actually quite close to 100%, so it can be said that it is one of the best acne treatments available;
  • Doesn’t cause dryness like most other acne treatments;
  • All products of Exposed Skin Care comes with money back guarantee (1 year), which is the longest warranty that you can expect from any product.

Main Cons:

  • The Ultimate kit is quite expensive (~$100), but if you are short on budget you can begin with a Basic kit, which is about two times cheaper;
  • Only possible to order online;

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of Exposed Skin Care that you can find online are very positive. In fact it can even be said that this acne system has the highest ratings from users when compared with similar products. However just like with any acne product there is a small number of people that it doesn’t work. Read a few actual reviews of Exposed Acne Treatment bellow.

Review #1: …Nothing has worked as well as Exposed. Not only does it clear my skin of blemishes but it also smooth out my skin, which makes my face look even better. If you’re thinking about trying exposed you should.

Review #2: The exposed skin care products are amazing! I’ve tried everything you can think of to try to clear my skin up and nothing worked until I found this. It doesn’t dry out your skin… it just leaves is clear and clean feeling!

Where to buy Exposed Skin Care and what is the price?

buy-exposed-skin-care-kitIn case you are wondering if you can buy Exposed Skin Care kits in local stores the answer is no. However you can easily buy it from official website online and get it shipped to you within just a day or two. The price of Exposed Treatment ranges from ~$50 to $100 depending on which kit you will choose to buy. The available offers are listed below.

  • 30 Day Kit – $29.95;
  • The Basic Kit (5 products) – $49.95;
  • The Expanded Kit (6 products) – $59.95;
  • The Ultimate Kit (9 products) – $94.95.

Visit the official Exposed Skin Care page.

When you buy this product from the official page shipping is available outside of USA & Canada so you can order these kits even if you live in Australia, UK, India and many other countries.

Available Coupon Codes.

When you order this Acne Kit from the official page there are also a couple of coupons that you can use in order to save some money. Depending on how many products you intend to buy you can use the following coupon codes:

  • “Save5on1” – 5$ off when buying a single product;
  • “10acne5off” – 5% discount on any kit;
  • “Save20on3” – 20% discount when you buy at least three different single products.

ClearPores review.

What you should know about ClearPores?

ClearPores-Acne-systemClearPores offers one of the most complete Acne systems, which consists of a supplement, facial wash and cream. Unlike most basic acne treatments this system is designed to work from both inside and outside, which will ensure that the cause is eliminated and acne will not occur for longer period of time. According to manufacturer of this product ClearPores is not some miracle treatment and it might take up to two months to completely get rid of acne. However first results can be seen much faster, usually within a few weeks of usage. This length of time is also confirmed by consumer testimonials online so you can actually know what to expect from ClearPores system.

What ingredients are included in ClearPores and how they work?

There are a total of 12 different ingredients included in ClearPores supplement. Some of the most significant components to mention are Aloe Vera, Dandelion and Burdock roots, Red Clover, Kelp, Cayenne and many others. The combination of these ingredients works on keeping normal blood circulation, balancing hormones, improving digestive system, cleansing liver and most importantly removing toxins from your body. All these mentioned functions are very important for avoiding acne problems.

The facial wash of ClearPores consists of more than twenty different ingredients. One of the most important ones is Salicylic Acid, which is well known for its effectiveness in unclogging skin pores and removing dead skin cells. Additionally other ingredients in the wash can help to remove buildup of bacteria that causes acne, normalize skin pH and eliminate pimples and blemishes.

The third product of ClearPores system is a cream, which is designed to give your skin a healthy and glowing look. The formulation of this cream consists of more than twenty ingredients. There components are mostly acids (alpha and beta hydroxy), which works by moisturizing your skin and preventing clogging of pores.

In case you want to find a full list of ingredients included in this Acne system visit page since they are all provided there.

The Main Benefits of ClearPores:

  • This acne system consists of three products, which all work in combination to fight acne from inside and outside;
  • There are separate products designed to work on both body and facial acne;
  • ClearPores is designed to work in both short and long term. It can greatly reduce your current pimples & blemishes and minimize the number of breakouts in the future.
  • The list of ingredients in all three ClearPores products are well selected and also very unique so if other products didn’t work for you in the past it is definitely worthwhile to try this unique formula;
  • ClearPores products are backed up by money back guarantee, so it is risk free for 90 days.

Are there any Side Effects?

Even though ClearPores system comes without any side effects it is recommended not use it for women who are pregnant (prior to consulting with a doctor). Also it worthwhile to check full list of ingredients included in this acne treatment and make sure you didn’t have allergic reaction or side effects to any of them previously.

It is also important to mention that sometimes people confuse how this product works with side effects. This is because when ClearPores starts to work your skin might even look worse for a couple of weeks than before using this product. Nevertheless you shouldn’t start panicking, because it only means that it actually started to work and your body is trying to remove bacteria and toxins throughout the skin. This effect is only short term and within a week or two you will start seeing improvement in your skin. However this happens quite rarely and you might not even experience this short term side effect.

What do consumer reviews say?

Just like any Acne treatment ClearPores doesn’t seem to work for all people, but in general it can be said that it has a good success rate. Also from the reviews that you can find online it can be said that this product requires about a month to see results and even two months to completely get rid of acne. Read a few actual consumer reviews of ClearPores bellow.


For more reviews of ClearPores system, visit the official page here.

Where to buy ClearPores and what is the Price?

buy-clearporesYou can buy ClearPores Cleansing System at the official website online. There are separate packages available for body and facial area acne or for both, so you can choose a product depending on which type of acne you are suffering from. The price for one month treatment ranges from ~$54 to ~$57 and there are also discounts available for multiple month packages.

Visit the official page of ClearPores.

It is also worthwhile to mention that manufacturer of ClearPores offers international shipping so you can order it if you live in Australia, UK, Canada, Singapore and many other countries.

Should you try ClearPores System?

Before answering this question there are a few things to keep in mind. This acne system tends to provide better results when used for a longer time (1-3 months), so if you are looking for solution that would work faster, ClearPores might dissapoint you. It is also worthwhile to mention that this system might be more suitable for skin that is dry.

So if other products haven’t worked for you in the past, ClearPores might be definitely worth a shot. This is because it seems like a very solid and quality product with good reviews and also it contains quite a lot of unique ingredients in formulation. This unique combination of ingredients might be just what you need in order to get rid of acne for good.

Acnezine review.

What you should know about AcneZine?

AcneZine-Acne-treatmentAcneZine system is created by a reputable company Revitol, which is quite well-known for its various skin products. What makes this acne management system unique from others is the fact that it not only treats your current acne problems, but also it makes sure that future outbreaks will not occur for longer time. All this is achieved by a unique combination of a cream, which works from the outside and a supplement, which works from the outside. It is also worthwhile to mention that this system can work equally well for both adults and teenagers and it is mostly designed for treating mild or moderate facial and body acne problems.

What ingredients are included?

The main active ingredient included in AcneZine cream is Benzoyl Peroxide (5%). This ingredient works by cleaning skin pores, minimizing bacteria and increasing the speed of skin turnover. For this reason this component is quite commonly referred to as a peeling agent for skin. Additionally there are also ~25 other inactive components in formulation of this cream.

The formulation of AcneZine supplement consists of a total of 13 ingredients. These components are mostly vitamins and nutrients that are aimed at decreasing bacteria and oil production in your body. Some of the most significant ingredients in formulation of a supplement are Vitamins B and E, Easter C, Aloe Vera Powder, Hylauronic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid and others.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • AcneZine is a two-step product designed to fight acne from both outside and inside;
  • Can be used by adults and young people and also on acne that appears on body and facial area;
  • This treatment works on removing pimples and spots as well as eliminating redness and blackheads;
  • This Acne treatment is highly rated by most reviews and also most consumer testimonials confirm that it works;
  • Works quite fast and first results can be seen within a few weeks of usage;
  • AcneZine products comes with 90 days money back guarantee;

Are the any Side Effects?

One of the most common side effects that you might experience after using AcneZine cream is dryness of skin. However you shouldn’t be worried about this side effect too much, because this is just how this acne system works. For this reason it is recommended to start with only one application of this cream in the beginning and only gradually increase the number of applications to 2 or 3 per day. In case you notice too much dryness or peeling you should reduce the number of applications to only one per day. Also it is worthwhile to mention that AcneZine is not recommended to be used by people who either have very sensitive skin or have allergic reaction to Benzoyl Peroxide ingredient. Some other recommendations to keep in mind about AcneZine supplement is that it is advised to consult a doctor before using this acne treatment in case you are pregnant & breastfeeding or are taking other strong medications.

What do consumer reviews say?

It can be said that the reviews of Revitol AcneZine that you can find online are mostly positive. It can also be said that this acne product does not work the same way for all people, so there are also a couple of negative reviews too. Read a few actual consumer reviews of AcneZine bellow.


For more reviews of AcneZine visit the official page here.

Where to buy AcneZine and what is the Price?

buy-acnezineIf you are interested in trying this acne system you can buy it on the official website online. Unfortunately at the moment AcneZine is not available for purchase in local stores. When you will visit the official page of this treatment you will find three different packages that you can choose to buy. These include:

  • 1 month supply – $39.95;
  • 2 month supply plus one package for free – $79.95 (save ~$40);
  • 3 month supply plus three packages for free – $119.95 (save ~50%);

Visit the official page of AcneZine.

Shipment is available worldwide so you can order AcneZine even if you live outside of USA in countries like UK, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Australia and many others.

Is AcneZine the right Treatment for you?

AcneZine is definitely a good choice product for anyone who is looking for a solution that would help to get rid of acne in the long term. It has quite a good success rate with most users and also the formulation is quite unique compared to other acne management systems. However it is important to keep in mind that just like with any acne product, results might vary a bit per each individual.

Tea Tree Oil and Acne.

Properties and Uses of Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree essential oil is being prepared by distilling the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is a tree native to Australia. People in Australia have been using this oil for the last 100 years and a number of medical studies exist confirming various benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Unlike some oils, Tea Tree Oil can’t be used internally since it can be poisonous (if larger quantities are being swallowed). Due to this it is only possible to use this essential oil topically or aromatically. It can be said that Tea Tree Oil is one of the most valued essential oils since it contains compounds that have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal features.

 tea-tree-oil-plantSince it has many beneficial properties, Tea Tree Oil is being used for various different purposes related to health. Some of the most common uses include treating acne, cold sores, fungal infections, bacterial infections, fighting bead breath, healing insect bites and sunburns and more. While Tea Tree Oil is probably one of the most researched essential oils from all, not all uses of Tea Tree Oil are backed up by scientific studies. Despite of that many people who try this essential oil tend to get positive results, which further increases popularity of Tea Tree Oil as a natural remedy to treat various different ailments.

Does Tea Tree Oil help Acne?

It is worthwhile to consider Tea Tree Oil for treatment of acne because this essential oil has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial compounds. When it is applied on the skin Tea Tree Oil can work effectively against bacteria that is responsible for acne breakouts. It can help to unblock sebaceous glands and disinfect them, which in turn will minimize occurrences of breakouts. Due to these properties and features Tea Tree Oil extract is a common component in various skin related products – washes, creams, shampoos and etc. Tea Tree Oil can also work well as a solvent and it can remove grease and dust from the skin, which in turn can help to protect the skin. So if you are looking for a natural acne treatment, Tea Tree Oil can definitely be a great choice essential oil.

Since Tea Tree Oil is one of the most frequently used essential oils for acne treatment, its efficiency was also tested in a couple of different studies to investigate if it actually works for this skin condition. Findings of one study suggest that Tea Tree Oil in concentration of 5% is effective treatment for moderate and mild acne. This particular study was double-blind and there were a total of 60 participants in it. Also based on results of this test Tea Tree Oil was 3.55-5.75 times more effective when compared to placebo. Also participants in this study didn’t experience any severe side effects, which is a good indication that most individuals can use Tea Tree Oil safely to treat acne.

The main aim of another study was to compare effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil with Benzoyl Peroxide. For Tea Tree Oil concentration of 5% gel was used and for Benzoyl Peroxide – 5% lotion. This clinical trial was single-blind and it included a total of 124 participants. Findings of this study suggest that both of these topical solutions provide positive results in terms of acne treatment. Participants in the study who used Benzoyl Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil had significantly less lesions (both inflamed and non-inflamed). Findings of the same study showed that Tea Tree Oil worked slower when compared with Benzoyl Peroxide; although participants who used Tea Tree Oil also experienced fewer side effects too.tea-tree-oil-and-acne

When considering trying Tea Tree Oil for acne treatment it is important to keep in mind that these studies tested slightly stronger concentration of this essential oil. While most brands selling this oil state that it is 100% pure, it actually means that there is only small part of Tea Tree Oil (only ~3%) in it and the rest is some carrier oil. What it basically means is that you might not get as significant results as these studies suggest simply because you are using slightly lighter concentration of Tea Tree Oil.

Go to Amazon to find Tea Tree Oil.

How to use it for Acne?

Prior to trying Tea Tree Oil for Acne many sources suggest to do a patch test on the skin. This can help to determine if your skin is not too sensitive to Tea Tree Oil in full strength. To perform this test all you have to do is apply 2-3 drops of this essential oil on the inside of forearm by using a cotton swab. If you don’t notice any burning or redness within a couple of hours you can safely use Tea Tree Oil in full strength. In case any of these mentioned symptoms are visible it might be a good idea to dilute Tea Tree Oil with some warm water. To reduce the strength of this essential oil by half you should mix equal amounts of this essential oil and warm water.

There are various different methods how Tea Tree Oil can be used for acne treatment or prevention. One of the simplest ways to use this essential oil would be to apply a few drops of it directly on spots or acne areas. Rinsing off is not necessary after application. For application it is very convenient to use either cotton swab or pad and also make sure that your skin is dry and clean prior to application. For this particular method it is also important to make sure that you are using 100% pure Tea Tree Oil since other types might work less effectively.

The other method how it is possible to benefit from this essential oil would be to add a few drops of it into your regular moisturizer and cleanser. Depending on how strong you want it to be, you can add between 2-6 drops. It is also important to mention that during the use of cleanser and moisturizer with Tea Tree Oil you should try to avoid any contact with your eyes.

The other quite commonly prepared home remedy for acne treatment is face wash with Tea Tree Oil and raw honey. In order to make this face wash you will need two teaspoons of raw honey and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. After mixing these two components, rub it on your face and leave it for up to one minute. After that simply rinse it off with warm water.

One more component that Tea Tree Oil can be mixed with to provide effective acne treatment is Aloe Vera Gel. In order to try this method you will need a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and one teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel. After mixing two of these components apply mixture on skin area (affected by acne) by using a cotton swab. In the next step wait until the solution will soak in & dry and wash it off with water. Afterwards it might be a good idea to apply your regular moisturizer in order to avoid drying of the skin.

For people who experience acne on other parts of the body like back, chest and etc. Tea Tree Oil can be quite useful too. A good way to benefit from this essential oil would be to make a bath with Tea Tree Oil. In order to do that simply add around 8-12 drops of Tea Tree Oil to your bath and stir the water. When repeated regularly this natural home remedy can help to get rid of pimples from chest, shoulders and back.

Acnepril review.

What is AcnePril and how does it work?

AcnePril-supplement-for-acneAcnePril is a natural supplement designed to fight acne from the inside, before it even starts to form. The formula of this supplement consists of essential vitamins and acne fighting herbs and extracts. All these different ingredients attack acne in three ways and for this reason can provide users with far better results than most other pills. First of all, it provides your body with essential nutrients that helps to protect and repair your skin. Second of all, there are ingredients in this supplement that can help to balance hormone levels in the body, which in turn will lead to lower production of sebum. Also there are components in AcnePril that will help to detoxify your body from toxins, which will improve the health of your skin and reduce acne breakouts.

What ingredients are included?

  • AcnePril-ingredientsVitamin A. The main role of this Vitamin in AcnePril is to enhance cell turnover so that there would less clogged pores.
  • Vitamin C is important component for healthy skin since it contains antioxidants and also it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which are beneficial for fighting acne.
  • Biotin is an essential vitamin for healthy skin since it can provide your body with additional protein.
  • Vitamin B5 works by balancing sebum levels in your body. It is quite well known that too much sebum might lead to clogged pores.
  • DMAE. This ingredient has cleansing and anti-inflammatory features that are beneficial for reducing skin scarring and stopping acne formation.
  • Green Tea is one of the best sources of antioxidants that can help to get rid of various toxins from your body as well as free radicals. All these effects are beneficial when fighting acne.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid. This acid is included for its ability to reduce inflammation, which is often caused due to acne lesions. Additionally it can help to protect your cells from free radical damage and help to eliminate toxins from your body.
  • MSM works by increasing cell turnover as well as clearing clogged pores.
  • Witch Hazel Leaf has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that are beneficial for reducing swelling and lessening acne breakouts.
  • Dandelion Root. This ingredient contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that work in combination to detoxify and improve the health of your skin.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. The main aim of this component in AcnePril is to help keep enzyme and hormone levels in your body normal by working as a detoxifier. Furthermore ACV contains moderate amounts of minerals and vitamins that are needed for healthy skin.
  • Garlic is beneficial for treating acne since it is able to kill bacterial that causes pimples and also it might be effective in regulating oil production.
  • Other ingredients: Noni Fruit, Mangosteen, White Willow Bark, Milk Thistle Seed, Glucosamine Sulfate and Licorice Root.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • AcnePril works to eliminate acne in three main ways: provide your skin with essential minerals and vitamins, helps to balance hormone levels in the body and helps to clean your body and skin from various toxins;
  • This supplement contains 18 different ingredients in formulation, which all have some properties that are beneficial for fighting acne. So as a whole AcnePril should definitely work for most users and help to get rid of acne;
  • Since AcnePril works from the inside it will work effectively to minimize acne on all areas of the body including face, neck, chest and etc.;
  • This supplement is suitable even for a very sensitive skin and it can even help to improve and strengthen it;
  • Due to the fact that there are no dangerous ingredients in formulation (only natural components), AcnePril is free from side effects.
  • Since manufacturer of AcnePril recognizes that their product might not work for every individual they offer 90 days money back guarantee.

Are there any Side Effects?

According to manufacturer of AcnePril this supplement has no side effects. Also there doesn’t seem to be any complains or reports from users in terms of side effects either. Despite the fact that there is very little chance of experiencing side effects from AcnePril it is worthwhile to look at the full list of ingredients included in this supplement. Since there are so many ingredients included in the formulation there is a possibility that a small number of people might have allergies to one of the components. If this is the case, you should probably consider other acne products.

What do consumer reviews say?

If you will spend time searching for AcnePril reviews online you will find mostly positive feedback. While it doesn’t seem to work for all users, majority of consumers confirm that it helped them to get rid of acne or at least they noticed improvement in their skin. Read a few actual consumer reviews of AcnePril bellow.


For more reviews of AcnePril visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use it.

The suggested dosage of AcnePril is 2 pills twice daily; however it is also safe to take them three times per day. It is best to take pills half an hour before your main meals together with a glass of water (12 ounces). Since each bottle of this supplement contains 120 capsules it is enough to use it for 15-30 days depending on your chosen dosage. Also manufacturer of this supplement recommends avoiding both smoking and drinking alcohol in order to get the best results from AcnePril. In addition to that eating a healthy diet might also help you achieve better results with this supplement.

Where to buy AcnePril and what is the Price?

buy-AcnePrilIn case you are interested in trying AcnePril you can buy this supplement on Amazon or on the official website online. Due to the fact that Amazon usually offers a bit better price we suggest to buy this supplement from there. At the moment the price of AcnePril is only ~$25 for one bottle and there are also more advanced packages with additional bonuses.

Find AcnePril on Amazon.

Clearzine review.

clearzine-supplement-for-acneWhat is ClearZine and how does it work?

ClearZine is one of the best rated oral acne supplements by both reviews and user testimonials online. This acne treatment is formulated from only natural ingredients and it works from the inside to prevent acne outbreaks. It can work effectively to get rid of redness, blackheads, pimples as well as prolonged acne. The active ingredients found in ClearZine works by increasing your body’s ability to metabolize sebum, which in turn reduces the chances of having buildup of oils that usually clogs pores and causes acne.

What ingredients are included?


There are a total of 8 main ingredients included in formulation of ClearZine. The most important component is Vitamin B5 those main aim is to minimize oil buildup. Other components like Collagen, Chromium and Zinc are extremely beneficial for skin and can help to keep it healthy. Additionally ingredients like Chromium and Collagen are beneficial for making skin look firmer. Find a full list of ingredients included in ClearZine and how they can be beneficial for fighting acne problems bellow.

  • Vitamin B5. Deficiencies of this vitamin quite commonly results in problems with acne. The reason why Vitamin B5 works on eliminating acne problems is because it reduces oil production in the body. As it is quite well-known when oil production is too high it might result in clogged pores, which in turn causes acne problems.
  • Zinc. The reason why zinc is a common ingredient in various acne products is because it is thought to be able to reduce oil production, minimize both inflammation and redness of acne as well as fight bacteria that causes this condition. In most cases relatively low dosage of zinc is need to get all these benefits – up to 30 mg per day.
  • Co-Q10. This ingredient is a great source for antioxidants and can help your skin look younger and healthy.
  • Witch Hazel leaf works by minimizing swelling of both blemishes and small pimples.
  • Collagen is a common component in many scar treatments, since it is able to speed up healing of tissues.
  • Other ingredients: Selenium, Chromium and Biotin.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • This acne product has high success rate and a lot of user testimonials confirm that;
  • Since ClearZine comes in a form of a supplement is convenient and easy to use it; You will not need to apply any creams on your face, which often lead to dryness and other side effects;
  • Works quickly to eliminate current acne and ensures that future breakouts will not occur in the future. First results can be seen with just a week or two after you start taking these pills;
  • Very reasonably priced (~22 for one bottle) and there are also huge discounts available for multiple bottles;
  • If you are not satisfied with ClearZine supplement you can ask for refund (60 days guarantee);

Are there any Side Effects?

Side effects are not something that you should be concerned about when it comes to ClearZine. This is because there are no ingredients in formulation that would potentially cause negative effects, so the risk of getting side effects from taking these pills is very low. Also there doesn’t seem to be complains about ClearZine from consumers in terms of side effects so it can be assumed that it is a safe supplement. Also the label of this supplement doesn’t provide any warnings too, so it can be assumed that is safe to use for all individuals.

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of ClearZine that you can find online are very positive. The majority of people who already tried this acne supplement are very happy with results they got and even recommend it, which is a good indication that it is actually a quality product and actually works. Read a few consumer reviews of ClearZine bellow.

Review #1: I have been using ClearZine for literally a few days, taking 4 a day, and my skin is SO much clearer. No new acne, redness has gone down, and blackheads have been going away significantly.

Review #2: This product has helped me get rid of my acne really fast. Just after week I can see results… I love the fact that it is natural and doesn’t have harmful chemicals that would make your skin dry.

For more reviews of ClearZine visit Amazon page here.

How to use it?

In the beginning it is recommended to take higher dosage of ClearZine until acne totally clears up and then lower the dosage to avoid future outbreaks. So you should start by taking 4 or 6 pills daily and then lower the dosage to 1 or 3 pills daily. It is best to take these pills while having your meals (1 or 2 capsules) and also before going to bed. Each bottle of ClearZine contains 60 pills so if you have more severe acne problems and plan on taking higher dosage it might be a good idea to consider getting at least a few bottles.

Where to buy ClearZine and what is the Price?


If you are interested in trying ClearZine supplement you can buy it on popular online website like EBay, Amazon and Walmart. Usually the best price of this acne treatment is offered on Amazon so we definitely recommend buying it from there. One bottle is currently priced at ~$22; however it is definitely more efficient to get more advance package and save some money in the long run.

Click here to find ClearZine on Amazon. 

Pantothen review.

What is Pantothen and How does it Work?

Pantothen-Acne-PillsPantothen is a natural supplement created to fight the problem of acne at its source. As it is quite well-known one of the most common causes of acne is excess oil in your skin. When you have excess production of oil your pores become clogged, which leads to breakouts. For this reason the main aim of Pantothen supplement is to provide you with additional natural chemicals that would help to break down these oils before they can start causing pimples. Additionally there are also quite a lot different Vitamins in formulation of Pantothen, which can help to fight acne too.

Before considering trying Pantothen for acne it is important to understand that it might not work for some people. This is because these pills work by lowering oil production and eliminating excess oil from the skin. In case your acne is caused by other reasons than oily skin, Pantothen will have little effect on your skin problems. Due to this it can be said that Pantothen effectiveness is a bit limited and it will not work for all people.

What ingredients are included?


There are a total of two main ingredients included in Pantothen supplement. The first one is Pantothenic Acid, which is a molecule necessary to make more Coenzyme-A. The main function of Coenzyme-A in our body is to reduce the amount of oil in our skin; however the problem is that our body makes not enough of this component to eliminate excess oil production. So by providing your body with more pantothenic acid you can easily create more Coenzyme-A. All this will lead to elimination of excess oils in your skin and far less acne issues. The next ingredient in Pantothen pill is L-Carnitine, which helps to move oils from the skin to Coenzyme-A glands, so that they would be oxidized effectively. In addition to these two components there are also quite a lot Vitamins included in Pantothen. These include Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate and others. While they are included in relatively small dosages they are a great addition to the main two components. All these vitamins are known to be beneficial for fighting acne and they can also greatly improve appearance and condition of your skin.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Pantothen is completely natural supplement since it contains only two ingredients that are already present in your body; Due to this you do not need to worry about potential side effects;
  • There are quite a lot vitamins included in formulation of this supplement, which are all known to have some acne fighting properties and they can also help to improve condition of your skin;
  • Works effectively for all ages and also for both facial and back area acne;
  • According to manufacturer of this supplement it works for mild and severe acne, which includes Cysts, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Rosacea and others.
  • Most user testimonials confirm that Pantothen works, which is a good indication that it can be an effective solution for most people who are affected by pimples;
  • Based on user reviews it can be said that it works quite quickly and first results can be seen within 1-2 weeks;
  • Can be used in combination with other acne products such as cream, cleanser and etc.;
  • Pantothen comes with 90 days money back guarantee;

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

Side effects are not something you should be too much concerned about when it comes to Pantothen. This is because there are only two main ingredients in formulation of this supplement, which are both natural and they are already present in your body. However it is possible that you can experience one side effect, which is dryness of skin. This is mainly because Pantothen works by removing oil from the skin. In case you noticed that your skin became dry you lessen this side effect by using a moisturizer. According to manufacturer of Pantothen there are no known interactions with other drugs. Also you can safely take this supplement in combination with a cream since there will be no interaction between the two.

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of Pantothen that you can find online are quite mixed. While there are certainly more positive testimonials claiming that it helped to decrease acne breakouts, there are also a few reviews stating that this supplement didn’t work for them. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Pantothen bellow.

Review #1: …This is what I’ve been looking for. It’s natural and there are no side effects, and in my case I noticed a difference within one week. I love it.

Review #2: I’m almost finished my first bottle now and I find for the most part that it is WORKING. There is still some acne but they are much smaller…

For more consumer reviews of Pantothen visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use it.

Manufacturer of Pantothen suggest taking a total of 4 pills per day. They should be taken with a glass of water, four separate times throughout the day (morning, mid-day, evening and before going to bed). Since there are a total of 120 pills in each bottle it will be enough to use for the whole month.

Where to buy Pantothen and what is the Price?

buy-PantothenIn case you are already determined to try Pantothen for Acne you can easily buy it on Amazon or official website online. The price for one bottle is only ~$27, so it can be said that it is very reasonably priced supplement. You should also know that there is also small discount on two bottle supply and a bonus product (facial cleanser) on four bottle supply, so it might be worthwhile to consider these two offers too.

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Oregano Oil and Acne.

The Main Benefits and Uses of Oregano Oil.

oregano-plant-oilWhile most people know about Oregano since they use it as a spice or oil in the kitchen; however not everyone knows about potential benefits and many uses of this oil. Depending on how you consume this oil (internally or topically) it can beneficial for different conditions. When this oil is consumed by mouth it is known to be beneficial for conditions like flu, arthritis, earaches, fatigue and for eliminating parasites that are present in intestines. Topical application of Oregano can be effective for treating conditions like Psoriasis, Rosacea, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Acne, Muscle pain and many others. So as you can see the list of conditions that this oil can help to treat is truly impressive, so you should definitely have a bottle Oregano Oil in your house at any time.

Does Oregano Oil work for Acne?

The main reason why Oregano Oil might be beneficial for Acne treatment is because it is one of the strongest antiseptics. It has both ant-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which are both advantageous for conditions like acne. As it is quite well known bacteria, which is present in the skin, quite commonly causes pores to become infected, which then leads to acne breakouts. So by using oil like Oregano you can greatly minimize bacteria in your skin, which will result in far less pimples.Oregano-oil-acne

It is also worthwhile to mention that this oil has quite a high ORAC value, which means that it is rich in antioxidants. Some of the antioxidants that are found in Oregano Oil are quercitin, rosemarinic as well as polyphenols. Due to the fact that it is rich in antioxidants, topical application of this oil can also help to speed up healing, which is very beneficial if you have acne lesions. Also as it is quite well known antioxidants are advantageous for people who want to slow down aging process of their skin.

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How to use it for Acne?

In case you are considering trying this oil for Acne, you should know that there two main ways how you can use it. Since in most cases Oregano Oil is not recommended to be applied on acne area without diluting it, you should mix it with either other oils or water. In case you will choose to mix it with other oil you should add equal amounts of both oils. Some good choices for making this mix can be Olive or Coconut Oil. However it is worthwhile to mention that some sources suggest that using oils on acne might result in pore clogging.

To avoid this possible side effect you can choose to dilute Oregano Oil with water, which will provide you with similar results and will help to avoid possible clogging of pores. To dilute Oregano Oil this way you should add a few drops of this oil into a glass of water and mix it.

No matter which option you will choose, use a cotton ball for application and apply mixture on the area that is affected by acne. For the best effect repeat this procedure two times per day (morning and evening). You should also know that it is not necessary to rinse your face afterwards.

You can also start consuming capsules (containing this oil) or Oregano Oil itself in moderate amounts by mouth; however whether it will have any noticeable effect on your acne is hard to say. This is mainly because consumption of Oregano Oil by mouth is known to beneficial for other conditions and acne is not listed among them. In my opinion if you truly want to get the most out of this oil in terms of acne, it is best to stick to topical application.

Are there any Side Effects?

Using Oregano Oil in moderate amounts is considered to be completely safe for most individuals and it will not cause side effects. When this oil is consumed orally there is a possibility that a small number of people might experience mild stomach upset. The only potential side effect of Oregano Oil when it is applied topically on the skin is that it might cause an allergic reaction. People who tend to be allergic to plants like Mint, Lavender, Basil and Sage might have a higher risk of being allergic to Oregano; however this is very rare and you shouldn’t be worried about this too much. In case you want to be sure that you are not allergic Oregano Oil and want to know how your skin reacts to it, it is always a good idea to do a test on your hand first. This way you will be sure that you do not have allergic reaction to this oil and then you can safely apply it on your face.