Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar and its Uses.

Apple Cider Vinegar is made through the process of Apple Cider fermentation. Due to the fact that it’s a type of acid, it contains citric, acetic, lactic and other acids in formulation. This vinegar is utilized for many years already and it is used as medicine for conditions like diabetes, obesity, removing warts, relieve cramps, lowering bad cholesterol levels and many others. It is important to mention that even though ACV is used for many conditions the research is quite limited for its effectiveness. However since Apple Cider Vinegar is cheap and doesn’t cause any side effects when used in moderate dosages many people tend to try it and in most cases get quite good results.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar help Acne?

ACV-for-anceThe answer to this question is definitely YES. There are three main reasons why Apple Cider Vinegar is helpful for treating acne. The first reason is that ACV has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties, which can help to protect your skin and also get rid of bacteria that cause pimples. The second reason why Apple Cider Vinegar is beneficial for acne is because it has quite similar pH as your skin. Due to this ACV is able to restore your skin balance, which leads to less acne breakouts and better condition of your skin. Last but not least this vinegar contains an antioxidant Beta Carotene, which can help to protect your skin from free radical damage and greatly improve its health. Due to all these features Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to improve the condition of your skin and lessen acne breakouts.

Does it work for Acne Scars?

Due to the fact that ACV can help to control pH of the skin, it can be also used as a home remedy to treat acne scars too. By applying Apple Cider Vinegar daily on your scars you can greatly reduce redness of skin and get rid of dark spots. In order to use it you should dilute it with water first and then apply it on the skin area that you want to see improvement. In most cases users start noticing improvement within a month of usage, but in order to completely eliminate scars from your skin you might need to use it for 2 or 3 months.

How to use it for Acne?

apple-cider-vinegarSince there are different forms of ACV, there are also different ways how you can use it for pimples. In case you will choose Apple Cider Vinegar in a form of capsule, take from 1-3 pills daily. The recommended dosages can be always found on the label of the products you are using, so simply follow them.

In case you are using raw ACV it might be safer to mix it with some water before applying it on your skin. This is important tip to follow since there were some cases when Apple Cider Vinegar caused damage on the skin. Usually it is recommended to use ACV at 1:3 ratio (1 part ACV and 3 parts water). After you mix it with water simply apply it on acne area. For people who have more sensitive skin, it might be a good idea to test how Apple Cider Vinegar reacts to your skin. So simply try it on the small part of your skin and see how it reacts.

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What do consumer reviews say?

If you will spend time searching Apple Cider Vinegar reviews you will soon notice that people use it for different purposes and have quite good results for separate conditions. When it comes to testimonials of people who use ACV for pimples it can be said that they are mostly positive. Bellow you can find a few testimonials of users who used ACV for acne in a form of pill.

Review #1: Taking these pills every day suppresses my acne! It has really cleared my skin since I started taking them. I would definitely buy these if you have trouble with your skin.

Review #2: I have been taking two pills, twice a day for about two months, and for the first time in years, I have no hormonal acne. This product has cleared my skin up better than years of prescription products…